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Indiegogo referral contest

Winner gets an Original Drawing!

We're down to the last 11 days of our Indiegogo campaign and we are only at 5%. We really need to get the word out! I'm going to run a referral contest to encourage people to share in creative ways.

Here's how it's going to work:

If you send people to the Reluctant Dragon page at Indiegogo, you will earn points. If the people that you send actually donate, you will earn a lot more points. If you can get a popular blogger, magazine or news service to write about our project and campaign, you will earn a ton of points!

At the end of the campaign, whoever has the most points, wins a prize.

The Grand prize will be an original graphite drawing from me. Here's some examples of drawings I did many years ago:

Since this is a large prize, I will have to set a minimum referral amount for the grand prize. The people that you refer must donate at least $500 (including your own donation) to qualify for the grand prize.

There will be 

Your referrals can only be tracked if you sign up for a free Indiegogo account and you're logged into your account  when you use any of the Share Tools on my campaign page.You can also copy and paste the campaign URL displaying in your browser's address bar, as long as you are copying the URL that displays when you are logged into your Indiegogo account.

Any user that does not have an Indiegogo account can still have their referrals tracked on my campaign's Referrals tab once they've contributed to my campaign. You will be presented with a special URL immediately after contributing (on the completed contribution landing page, under "Spread the word!") that you can copy and share with your network.

I will track your referrals and how many follow through to donate using the Indiegogo analysis tools. For the pick-ups by popular bloggers, magazines or news services, you will need to send me poof.

Here's the point list:

Basic referral = 1 point

Referral that donates = 1 point per dollar they donate.

Pick up or repost by popular blogger = 500 points!

Let the games begin!

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